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Oral surgery is branch of dentistry that deals with dental extraction simple or complex of:

  • irrecoverable elements of unfortunate prognosis;
  • wisdom teeth responsible of inflammatory – infectious symptomatology or potentially dangerous for adjacent teeth;
  • included canine or excessive elements that impede the substitution of missing elements through implant surgery;
  • Maxillary cysts or epulises removal.
  • Interventions of bones regeneration or of soft tissue.

Implantology is the branch of dentistry which deal with the substitution of natural teeth by implant in which inserting new artificial teeth.
When pure titanium implants are inserted in the bone, it will grow at direct contact with the implant surface. This phenomenon is named osteon integration and allows to the implants to become an integrated part of the body, as the roots of natural teeth.
Nowadays, if there are no bones, is anyway possible to perform the intervention of implant ology thanks to regenerative techniques and to the usage of membranes, autologous (from the patient itself) bone grafts, or other bio compatible materials. For example in the superior arch at the same level of molar tooth the presence of the maxillary sinus, aerial hollow belonging to the paranasal sinus over the molar region, may in some cases obstructing the implant placement. In these cases it is possible to partially fill the cavity with a bone graft and proceeding with the implant. In other cases implants are placed simultaneously with the graft. The implant ology intervention it isn’t painful because it occurs in local anaesthetic using anaesthetic specifically developed for the oral surgery. Those anaesthetics are extremely efficient and cause a deep anaesthetic for the patient. At the end of the surgical intervention painkiller drugs will be prescribed to efficaciously control the potential outbreak of the post-op pain. Finally rejection is not a possibility because titanium is an extremely bio- compatible material, because inactive from a biological point of view.












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